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J-801DVB-T1000W Transmitter

DUT-8313 is a professional DVB-T digital transmitter developed by DEXIN, which gives sustained power (1000W) output. Its compact structure design has greatly saved space for your room. It supports SFN and MFN network mode, output with both signal carrier mode and multi carrier mode, and supports signal channel and broadband transmission.
The frequency range of DUT-8313 is from 470MHz~566MHz, 606MHz~806MHz. This transmitter has a very high linear and high reliability as it takes high gain and high linear LDMOS tube amplifier module. Furthermore, it supports AGC function to keep sustained power output.
DUT-8313 1000W DVB-T digital transmitter can be widely used in HD/SD digital TV signal transmitting and broadcasting system.

Key Features

*  Intelligent and modularized amplifier unit, takes high power gain and high linear LDMOS tube amplifier module design

*  Low power consumption and super linear design to improve the transmission power, and reduce the nonlinear distortion

*  Support AGC function with sustained power output to allow the transmitter a good stability and reliability

*  Support MFN and SFN system

*  Support fault diagnosis function

*  Full digital front panel control, easy operation.

*  LED on the front panel support alarm and signal monitor

*  Stabilized-power supply with wide range of voltage and high efficiency

*  Amplifier and switching power supply one-for-one configuration, connect directly to each other, reducing wired loss

*  Cooling system with low consumption and low noise

*  Multi lightning protection measures, good protection for whole equipment.

*  24-hour working unmanned, user friendly design

*  Easy to install, elegant appearance



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