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9108HA | 9108HB | 9108HC | 910

Name:9108HA | 9108HB | 9108HC | 9108HD| 9108HEModel:NVR Products
*The processor and the operating system industrial:  embedded microcontroller, embedded LINUX operating system, standard H.2cocompression format
*System resources: simultaneously multi-channel video, while the video playback, simultaneously network operation (10 network users online supervisor, CMS centralized management 255 equipment)
*Operation interface :supports wireless, cable mouse, front panel, remote control operation, RS485
*Picture display screen :  display (1/4/8/9 (NTSC:240 / PAL:200 frame frame; video frame rate: each *PAL:25 frames per second, NTSC:30 frames / sec)
*Monitor the image quality :  D1 (analog signal)
*Playback image quality : D1/HD1/CIF/QCIF
*Audio compression :G.711A
*Video mode and priority : manual > alarm > dynamic detection > timing
*Local playback: support8 playback (can be single channel)
*Time point retrieval: calendar retrieval, event retrieval, channel retrieval for video retrieval
Video Record: the hard drive / network
*Backup mode : network /USB/ native drive DVD-RW /USB
*Video input : 8D1(11 frameD1, 22frame HD1,25frame(CIF)
*Video output:  1 BNC, 1 VGA
*Audio input, output: 8audio input, 1 audio output
*Alarm input, output 4 input, 1 output
*Network interface :1 RJ45 (10/100M adaptive network card),3G, WIFI
*USB interface :2 USB2.0 interface
*Hard disk number and interface : 1 SATA (single maximum support 2TB, recommended using Seagate hard drive 1-1.5TB)
*Power: (power) /<15W DC12V3A (no hard drive)
*Working temperature / humidity / atmospheric pressure:  ~+55 /10% -10 ~ 90%/86kpa ~ 106kpa
vMobile phone monitoring system includes: the Nokia Symbian (S60v3-S60v5) WM (WindowsMobile), apple, Android (Google), blackberry
*Outlook size / weight length * width * height: 327x223x51mm/2

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