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IPTV Hardware

1channel HDMI+1Channel VGA

One channel HDMI+1 Channel VGA H3210

Professional-high definition VGA video coding products is H3210 HDMI encoder, the product has 1 HD VGA support, 1 HDMI audio and video capture function, coding output double H.264, aac audio format. According to the need for free adjustment. The device is high integration, cost-effective. Support RTSP/RTP/RTMP transmission, support HTTP protocol, etc., easy to use. Can support arbitrary resolution input, fixed resolution output.
For the system developers, to provide complete two development kit, through the SDK, system developers can use VB, VC and other programming software system design.
Provide comprehensive two development kits, can be applied to education, medical, IPTV, conference, distance education, news, court, public security, banking, transportation and other industries applications.
Is very convenient to use, in an Internet line can be used, eliminating the disassemble trouble, and computer hardware compatibility issues does not exist, eliminating the HD collection card, good price.
◆Resolution support 1920x1080/1280x720/1280x1024/1280x960/704x576
◆Support VGA, HDMI input, support input adaptive resolution, automatic scaling, custom output resolution
◆System support WINDOWS XP/VISTA/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/WIN7 32bit and andWIN764bit、LINUX。
◆Supports a computer for multiple devices and displays。
◆Direct network connection without the use of HD card。
◆Support RTSP/RTP/RTMP, HTTP, UDP protocols。
◆Support master, vice dual stream.
◆Rate control CBR/VBR 16KBIT/S~12MBIT/S
◆WEB Control interface
◆Power supply <6W, Low power supply design
◆Capacity 146mm x 100mm x 45mm(LxWxH)

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