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IPTV Hardware

IPTV Gateway 4CH SD Encoder

IPTV Gateway 4CH SD Encoder

IPTV Gateway 4CH SD Encoder
IPTV Gateway 4CH SD Encoder is a 4 in 1 MPEG-2 Encoder (with IP output), it is a professional SD audio & video encoding and multiplexing device with powerful functionality. It has 4 channel CVBS video input interfaces, 4 pairs of unbalanced audio input interfaces and 2 ASI output interface, supporting MPEG-2 encoding format. This device can simultaneously encode 4 channel SD audio & video; moreover, it can multiplex the input TS with the 4 encoded SPTS to IP network output. The high integrated and cost effective design of IPTV Gateway 4CH AV Encoder makes the device widely used in varieties of IPTV systems.

Application Diagram

Front Panel

Back Panel

4×CVBS video inputs, 4 pairs of unbalanced audio inputs 
2× ASI output interface
1 TS streaming output LAN port, 1 management LAN port.
Up to 4CH IPTV programs output with 4 AV input per rack (1U)
Output MPEG2 TS 1-15Mbps each IPTV channel 
Supports MPEG-1 Layer2 audio encoding
Supports CBR and VBR
Supports D1,HD1,2/3D1,3/4D1 Resolutions
Supports PAL and NTSC SD video formats
Supports SPTS over UDP protocol
Real-time effective encoding output bit-rate monitoring
Supports NMS or SNMP management
Support LCD / keyboard operating
Supports 7x24 working
No cooling fan design, without noise 

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